March 1, 2020

Corporate Team Building Activities with AIG

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Corporate team building activities are a great way to re-energize your team. This week our team flew out to New York City to work with one of our favorite partners AIG. They hosted corporate team building activities to benefit local kids in foster care.

Why are Corporate Team Building Activities Important to AIG

AIG utilizes our service-based team building activities to help fulfill their corporate and social responsibility efforts. The AIG website quotes their Global Head of Corporate Citizenship, Laura Gallagher,

AIG is committed to giving back to the communities we serve through programs, partnerships and philanthropy that leverage the skills, experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm of our employees. We honor our history of giving and continue to put purpose into action by volunteering to help others, serving on Employee Resource Groups, donating funds to support important causes and by otherwise working toward the greater good.

The Day of The Team Build

On the day of the corporate team building activity, we arrived early to set up the filling stations. With large team builds it is important to prep and stay organized. One of our main initiatives is to help kids in care celebrate more birthdays. So together the AIG team decorated and assembled 113 Birthday Boxes.

It is always amazing to see people come together to help kids in care. Birthday Box builds are easy for people to connect to because everyone can relate to the excitement of celebrating birthdays.

Simone Roberts, Early Career Program Manager, AIG, mentioned that she highly values our 5-year long partnership because it gives her team the opportunity to make an impact in their own community.
It’s not just about the people in this room, it’s also about the people outside of this room who need help.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank the AIG team. We appreciate their commitment to helping the community and hope our corporate team building continues to inspire their team.
Interested in hosting a corporate team building activity? Connect with us here for more information.

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