June 7, 2021

Couple Adopts Five Siblings from Foster Care- Now They are a Family of 12


Geared up like a football team, the Hairr family marched through the courthouse. Today the squad wore black jerseys, each numbered from oldest to youngest and outlined in a red heart. It is time for the family of 7 to become an official family of 12.

In the first in-person hearing before District Judge Margaret Pickard since the pandemic began, the Hairr family assembled to be granted legal family status. The hearing proceedings were previously delayed for over a year due to COVID-19. This dream couldn’t come fast enough for the sibling set of five, this moment means they will never be separated again.

A Family of 12

The Hairrs’ adopted their first sons twelve years earlier in another Clark County courtroom. Mother Aimee Hairr, 45, thanked everyone in the court saying, “To be placed with such a team of devoted, loving humans is nothing short of miraculous. It’s what holds us together as a family. It’s what helps us grow.”

Before the adoption became official the judge asked for a drumroll and said, “I am very impressed. You have a full baseball team, a whole soccer team, you are now a forever family.”

You Didn’t Lose a Mom, You Gained A Mom

For Kimberly, the oldest of the five siblings, the adoption meant her Christmas wish finally came true. She spent time in four other foster homes without her siblings and made one wish each Christmas, for them to be reunited.

Aimee Hairr comforted Kimberly about the adoption telling her. “No matter what happens, you’re ours forever, OK?” she said. “And you didn’t lose a mom, you gained a mom.”

The Hairrs have worked on growing their family for more than two decades. Finally, the family is complete!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we are delighted by the compassion and love shown by the Hairr family. So we wish them the best and find them to be a true testament to the power of love. Love is what makes a family!

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