April 21, 2020

COVID Causes an Increased Need for Foster Families

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The COVID outbreak causes an increased need for foster families. We have been following the call from several states including Texas, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Georgia, to name a few. The full scope of damage COVID is causing in the foster care community is only starting. One big need that is arising, is the need for more foster families.

The Problem with Certification

If you have ever gone through the process of becoming a certified foster parent, you know it is long. There are classes and tests and meetings. So now what? How are we certifying people during a time when people can’t meet face to face. Well, a lot of states and foster agencies are trying their best to transition to online certification programs. Many are still doing in-home visits before children are taken over. But a shortage of foster families is becoming a growing concern.

What is Causing the Shortage?

This is a complicated question. The first part is acknowledging the possibility of an influx need once we begin to enter society again. Children are not visible, a lot of neglect and abuse are currently unreported. So, there could be an increase of reported from mandated reports once children are seen again.

The second point is the loss of life. COVID is devastating families and leaving children behind. We do not know when we will have a vaccine and have lost too many people already. People of all ages, including parents.

With the third being foster families leaving the system. Many people are worried about their families, especially those with underlying health conditions. Being a foster family may put them at risk.

Time to Step Up and Foster

The most obvious solution is finding more people to foster. The need for foster families is real and during these uncertain times, children really need help. Fostering is not for everyone but if you have considered it, now is the time to get started.

For those who want to help without fostering, join us here.

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