Sept. 12, 2019

Create A Positive Work Culture Through CSR Efforts

Through CSR Efforts

Creating a positive work culture through your CSR efforts is easier than you think. We are in an age where everyone (even people who are not Millenials) wants more from their employer. This isn’t to say that adding a strong CSR initiative is going to resuscitate a toxic work environment. But here are a few ways to cultivate a positive work environment by leveraging your CSR efforts.

Start By Involving Your Team

Whether you have a solid philanthropic partner or are currently looking for opportunities to pair up with one, get your team involved. Ask them what type of philanthropy they are interested in helping out with. Find out about how hands-on they’d like to be. You can do this by hosting a meeting about your future CSR efforts.

Maybe conduct a survey to find out everyone’s interests or consider chatting with everyone on an individual level. The point is to help everyone feel invested in these efforts. CSR for the community and your organizations collective good.

Secondly, Apply Feedback

You conducted your preliminary research, now it is time to apply. For the record, if you consult with your team about CSR and don’t listen to anything that they say. Well, your team is probably not going to respond positively to that. Make sure that you are approaching this with good intentions and an open mind.

Since you are serious, you are going to start making pivots to your CSR plan. Reflect on the who, what, when, why and how your CSR efforts should be met.

Continue to Find Ways to Involve Everyone

Now that your new CSR efforts are in motion continue to find ways to involve everyone. Create a CSR committee, give control to people on your team, find a way that everyone from your most junior to senior level employee can get invested. The way that CSR is going it needs to be a joint effort from all parties.

This, in turn, will help create a more positive work environment. Giving power to your team is the best way to make people feel valued and appreciated. By leveraging your CSR efforts you are helping your internal and external community. It is a win-win for everyone.

Still, Need Some Help?

Okay, so you still want some help. Have no fear! Foster Love - Together We Rise is an expert in helping organizations get the CSR initiatives rolling. Reach out to here and let’s start improving your work culture.

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