Oct. 20, 2019

CSR Is More Than Not Offering Straws At Your Diner

CSR is more than not offering straws at your diner. As we continue this shift into business “wokeness” we have to wonder what is actually impactful. In theory, removing plastic straws helps eliminate extra plastic waste but also alienates some customers with disabilities. Plus, when you look at the total waste made from straws…well the numbers aren’t large. So how do you settle on an impact CSR initiative?

Start Internally

Rather than looking at the world as a whole, think of the immediate impact you can do. Look at your work, the people you work with and start thinking of something you all can work on together. Maybe you and your work colleagues want to start a food drive to help the local food bank. Or you all are concerned about your CO2 emissions and start a Meatless Monday movement, maybe even a carpool list.

Think of Your Audience

Find a way to include your audience base. Green-i-fy your office space by removing disposal utensils and dish ware. Install energy-efficient lighting, toilets, and facets. Show the people you connect with that corporate and social responsibility efforts can be multilayered. It isn’t just a one-time thing for you CSR is something that you want in all aspects of your organization.

Give Back to Your Community

Lastly, make sure that you are giving back to your local community. It is great that for as little as 10 cents a day you can sponsor a child in a third world country. They do need help and if you can help more people, do so. But also consider how much goodness can be done for the people who interact with you on a daily. Those people who live, work and make up your local community.

There are endless ways to plugin locally! Your team can partner with a local charity, volunteer directly or raise funds. Your efforts stay local and you can tangibly see the difference you are making.

Need Help Getting Started?

Foster Love - Together We Rise does a lot of work with organizations across the country. If you need help getting started with your CSR efforts please message us here.

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