June 28, 2019

CSR Matters, Especially If You’re A Millennial

CSR matters

CSR matters, especially if you’re a millennial. By the year 2025, 75 percent of U.S. workers will be Millennials. (Dun dun Dunn!) That is a whole lot of avocado toast loving people.

Let’s start by acknowledging that the term “Millennial” is more often than not, met with negative views of narcissism. Millennials are so (insert negative stereotype here). But the truth is, Millennials care a lot about things outside of themselves.

A recent Nielson study reports that 85 percent of Millennials find it extremely important that companies implement programs to improve our environment. Even more astonishing, 75 percent of Millennials surveyed say that they would probably change their habits to help minimize their footprint on our environment.

Alright, let’s reflect on this information for a second. (Brief pause.) Millennials are steadily approaching a total dominance of the job market and they love corporate and social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

What Is Your CSR Strategy?

So why is it that so many organizations lack a visible CSR strategy? Maybe there is a fear of the “humble” brag, maybe there is nothing in place due to oversight. Regardless of the reason, there is an easy remedy. Include CSR initiatives in your business plan.

How do you get this started? First, your organization needs to define what types of CSR initiatives resonate with them. Are you interested in charitable giving, positive labor practices, partnerships, environmental policies, social activism, or community volunteering? The ways to plug in are infinite!

Take Action

What’s next? Now that you’ve decided that you’re going to commit, it’s time to share your plan publically. Add a page to your website. Shout out to the world that you and your organization care!

With 52 percent of American internet users reporting that they like to spend more money with brands that share their values, it will only benefit your bottom line to share your CSR initiatives with your customers.

Where to share the good news? Okay, you have your CSR plan, you shared it on your website, and in theory, you’ve been practicing what you preach. The time has come to incorporate your CSR efforts into your marketing plan. People want to see their favorite brands and organizations bring positive change in their community. So give the people what they want!

According to eMarketer, 65 percent of Millennials actively use Facebook. Start sharing your CSR stories there. Let your audience know that your CSR efforts are real. #PhotoOrItDidntHappen

Ultimately, you want your brand to be authentic and Millennials want to see that you walk the walk when it comes to corporate and social responsibility.

Still looking for a starting point? Contact us! Foster Love - Together We Rise is a leader in charity centered corporate team building events that help the foster youth of America.

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