July 21, 2014

Day 5: Helping Foster Youth in Dallas!

Cupid Shuffle Dallas

Helping Foster Youth in Dallas

We decided to stay in Texas for our 4th stop and go to Dallas. Dallas definitely showed us their Southern hospitality and we’re happy to say we now new additions to our TWR family. The event helped out the local Children Protective Services office and they treated us like royalty.

The CPS staff were so kind and excited to see us that they provided drinks, ice, and a DJ!  I guess they heard about our love for dancing because they had a DJ come out so we could get our dance on properly. We saw tons of smiles, laughing, and joy as the kids danced to the cupid shuffle and picked out their clothes. Thank you the Dallas CPS office for their amazing hospitality and their genuine passion for the youth in their care.

We talked with one of the social workers from the office and she was overwhelmed with joy to be able to see the children and their families out together having fun and shopping. These women stayed with us the entire time! She helped us set up and tear down all in the amazing 106-degree weather. Her dedication to her work and support for us was inspiring and now we can’t wait to work with Dallas again.

The social worker gave us a tour of their office and showed us their very own sweet case room! It’s nice to see people who actually understand the value of personal belongings and traveling properly. It warmed our hearts that these social workers truly care about the well being of their youth.

We love Dallas not just for the funny and talented kids but for the friendly and supportive staff. Everything was perfect down to the last family who luckily caught us right before we started packing up. They ended up being a lively bunch by taking selfies with our team and making us get up and shuffle one more time. Thanks, Dallas for the memories and we hope to be back soon!

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