Aug. 21, 2019

Disney Days are Coming: Chris Villain Chats About His Disney Love

Disney Days are Coming

Disney Days are coming next month! With that on the horizon Foster Love - Together We Rise is chatting with supporters about their Disney love. Disneyland means so much to so many people worldwide. Today we chatted with Youtube/Instagram content creator and performer Chris Villain about his Disney love.

Disney Q&A with Chris Villain 

Q: Tell Us a Little About Yourself.

A: My name is Chris Villain and I’m a fan of all things geeky or nerdy! Also a HUGE fan of all things Disney! I make a living as a singer/performer as well as being a social media content creator on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Disney has played such a huge role in my life both professionally and just a fan!

Q: How has Disney played a role in your life?

A. As a kid, any and all things Disney inspired me to be who I am today! I was raised to be caring and accepting of others. I was raised to dream big and to always follow my aspirations in life! As an adult, Disney started, and continues to be a part of my professional career! I’ve sung for the Disney Parks for the last 10 years and have also collaborated with Disney Channel on a few projects as well!

Q. What is one of your first memories of Disneyland?

A. One of my first memories is going to Disneyland parks for my 5th birthday! We watched the fireworks that night and my family members told me that the firework show was just for me! Lol. While that wasn’t true, I remember feeling so special and loved. Lol.

Q. What is your favorite thing about Disney?

A. I think my favorite thing about Disney is their promotion of acceptance and following your dreams. We ALWAYS need more of that.

Q. If you have a sibling, what was your favorite thing to do together in the park?

A. The teacups!!! Lol we would always see how fast we could go and try to make the other one throw up haha

Q. What is your favorite treat at Disney?

A. Easy question! Churros!

Q. What is your most memorable souvenir of Disney?

A. I think my autograph book! I was obsessed with getting everyone’s autograph and showing all my friends who I met!

Q. What does a typical day at Disney look like for you?

A. Lots of pictures with friends, Indiana Jones, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted mansion, and STAR WARS LAND! Anything else is a bonus lol

Q. If you can only ride one ride at any Disney park, which would it be?

A. Probably the Indiana Jones ride! It’s one of my faves!

Thank You, Chris!

Thank you, Chris, for taking the time to share why you love. These types of memories are exactly why we reunite siblings separated in foster care at Disneyland. Childhood memories matter.

Disney Days are coming this September. Learn how you can help reunite siblings at Disneyland here.



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