April 24, 2020

DNA Doesn’t Make A Family- Love Does


DNA doesn’t make a family, love does. This is a very simple statement and yet it is so powerful. Especially, to all of the families that have grown through adoption, marriage, or fostering. This week we chat with Tierra about her family’s choice to grow through fostering.

The Start of Something New

Tierra and her husband started the foster care journey in January of 2017. At first, they went into foster care as a way to help children. They were very aware of the purpose of foster care, which is reunification. But clearly welcomed adoption with open arms.

Good Things Take Time

DNA Doesn't Make A FamilyEvery step of this journey took time. From getting licensed to foster, to getting placements, to finalizing adoptions. Everything seemed to take longer than expected for Tierra. “But honestly, we were thankful. I truly believe if the process didn’t take as long as it did we wouldn’t have our kiddos today,” Tierra shares.

The best experience for Tierra was watching her family grow. It grew through love and choice. She and her husband are both open and honest with their children about their adoptions. They let them know how special they are, how loved they are.

We Repeat- DNA Doesn’t Make A Family

DNA Doesn't Make A FamilyTierra and her husband’s lives have changed dramatically. For over 10 years they struggled with infertility. They yearned to be parents and Tierra believes that there is a reason for this struggle. She says,

I now know the why behind it. These 3 kids that we have, needed us but what my kids don’t know is that my heart needed them. They are the missing puzzle pieces to our lives. I have also learned that families do not have to match and blood/DNA means nothing. I love my kids like I have given birth to them.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we would like to thank Tierra and her family for sharing their journey with us. DNA doesn’t make a family, love truly does. It warmed our hearts to hear about their love for their children.


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