April 11, 2019

Dylan Chad's Foster Care Adoption Process


Foster Love - Together We Rise loves to celebrate adoptions. One way we help foster families who go through the foster care adoption process is through our Framing Forever program. Our generous and talented network of volunteer photographers helps us offer free adoption day photos nationwide.

Our latest Framing Forever family is Jennifer and Dylan Chad (age five). Jennifer is from Hackensack, New Jersey and has fostered her son Dylan Chad since December 2nd, 2014. Dylan Chad started as a foster care placement and quickly became part of Jennifer’s family.

Together, Jennifer

“After many ups and downs, we are finally so excited to know this is forever. He was removed to a family member for 6 months at 2 years old and returned when they had a job offer out of the country. He is the best thing to happen to me and we are overall just really happy. We know this is short notice but we just found out and are beyond ecstatic,” said Jennifer.

Congratulations Dylan Chad and Jennifer on your forever family. Your future is bright and beautiful!

Check out more information on our Framing Forever program here.


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