Sept. 6, 2023

Empowering Futures: A Shopping Spree for College Foster Youth


There are several costs that can add up as college students prepare for school. Through our Rapid Response Program, Foster Love recently took 20 former foster youth on back to school shopping sprees in Austin, Texas and Torrance, California. With $500 each in Macy's gift cards, these resilient individuals shopped for essentials, dorm supplies, and professional attire.

Unlocking Potential: From Foster Care to College Success

Navigating the journey from foster care to higher education is no small feat. Nationally, only 10% of foster youth achieve a college degree due to financial and emotional challenges. However, events like this shopping spree, fueled by Macy's support, break down those barriers, offering not just material resources but hope and empowerment.

One student shared just how meaningful this event was: “I am very thankful to have this opportunity. Not only does it take stress off my plate with having to balance school and work and make sure I work extra hours to get what I need, but it helps me get ready and excited for what these next few months brings me with moving and starting a new job. So thank you so much!”

Rapid Response: Alleviating Burden, Fostering Dreams

Through the Rapid Response program, foster youth receive emergency support, enabling them to focus on their studies. These events go beyond shopping—it's about creating opportunities, changing statistics, and nurturing aspirations.

A Heartfelt Thanks to Macy's

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at the Austin and Torrance Macy's locations for their unwavering commitment to these

students' futures. Your support shows these students that their dreams and aspirations are worthwhile.

One of the students who participated expressed their gratitude for the support of Macy’s. “I would like to thank Macy’s for allowing us to shop at their store and for giving us the opportunity to purchase items we've been wanting for a very long time, due to the mere fact of us trying to survive and feed ourselves everyday. Purchasing items like the ones we did was refreshing and made us feel deserving of the things we always had our eyes on when walking through Macy's. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and I will never forget what Macy’s did for us. THANK YOU!!”

As these 20 college foster youth return to their campuses with brand new items and a renewed sense of purpose, they carry with them the potential to rewrite statistics, challenge norms, and pave the way for future generations. Through support, understanding, and opportunity, we can transform their lives and ignite a movement that ensures education is a beacon of hope for all. Learn more about our Rapid Response Program and how you can contribute on our website.

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