Jan. 26, 2024

FAQ for Disney Days 2024

Disney Days 2022

To help answer your questions here is the FAQ for Disney Days 2024!

Q. How Did Disney Days Start?

A. 11 years ago our founder Danny decided to take some kids in foster care to Disneyland for his birthday. Rather than accepting gifts, his friends helped him fundraise and donate towards the first unofficial Disney Days.

Q. When is Disney Days?

A. We currently have 2 events. Disney World Days in Florida takes place in March and Disney Days in Anaheim California takes place in September. To protect the children attending Disney Days the dates and time of the event are closed.

Q. Does Foster Love pick the Siblings that Attend?

A. No. Foster Love is an indirect provider of support. This means that we do not directly choose any of the children who attend Disney Days.

Q. How are the Children Selected?

A. Because of logistics, we select a few local foster agencies that can invite the children they help. These partner agencies have personal relationships with the children they care for and support our mission to help them. 

Q. Does Disney Donate to Disney Days?

A. Disney is not a current sponsor. Their staff does work with us to ensure that we can maneuver our dollies full of food and snacks to and from the meeting area safely. We greatly appreciate all of the cast members!

Q. Can My Business Support Disney Days?

A. Yes! We have so many ways for individuals, groups, and businesses to get involved. If you are interested in learning more about corporate opportunities check them out here.

Q. Can I Volunteer?

A. We’d love your help! Volunteer applications are open now and will close once spots are filled.

If you are not local to Anaheim and want to help with Disney Days consider starting a Disney Days fundraiser to support the sibling reunification event. You can also help us by sharing a Disney Days post, volunteering at an in-house event, or donating to the event to make a huge impact too.

Q. When do Volunteer Applications Open?

A. Volunteer Applications will open in Mid January for Disney World Days in Orlando Florida. To stay informed, signup for our newsletter.

Q. I Submitted My Disney Days Application, How Long Until I Hear Back?

A. We are grateful for your interest in Disney Days and do take a few weeks to get through every application. Please anticipate contact from one of our team members within 5 business days after your submission. If you have urgent questions, reach out to us at disney@fosterlove.com

Thank You

Going into Disney Days we appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and support. It is always exciting when children in foster care are receiving the support they need. If you have additional questions email us at disney@fosterlove.com.

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