July 1, 2021

Forming a Family Through Foster Care


Fostering to adopt is no easy task. While it can be a difficult journey, the love and family that is formed after is worth every struggle. We asked our friend Victoria to share some insights about her big family that came together was formed through fostering.

How it Began

Victoria and her partner first started fostering to adopt in December 2017 when three siblings, Abby (5 years old), James (3 years old), and Alexa (1-year-old) moved in. Alana, a 9-month-old, moved in June 2018.

Their next foster placements were two siblings, Emory (11 days old) in January 2019, and Jason (8 years old) in July 2020.

Making Their Forever Family Official

The oldest 5 kids were adopted on September 24, 2019, and Emory was adopted on December 20, 2019. Victoria told us,

Since we adopted through foster care, the road has been long, hard, and exhausting. But it has also been filled with love, family, laughter, and such an honor to be their parents! We would redo our journey all over again if it meant we got to be our kiddo’s parents.

Victoria and her partner went from being newlyweds with only 2 dogs to having a full house with 6 kids within 2 years.

Now our kids are the center of everything. There was a lot of tragedy in our life before the kids came. The kids brought back so much love and laughter to a family who really needed it.

Foster care can create life-long bonds that change people’s lives. For Victoria and her family, that is exactly what happened. They are elated to have their kids in their lives. Every bump in the road was worth it.

Wonderful Advice

When asked what she would tell other people looking to foster and adopt, Victoria told us,

Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go your way, God knows his plans for you! Also, be SUPER flexible, because things can change at any time!

This advice is perfect. Working with the foster system can be a long, tiring, and stressful road, but the results that can come from it are beautiful.

Thank you, Victoria, for sharing your wonderful experience with foster care and building your family. We wish you the best!

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