Nov. 21, 2019

Foster Adoption: Jerren’s Story

Foster adoption

Foster adoption is a beautiful way to grow one’s family. Not all foster adoptions look the same but the outcome of family and community is worth it. Jerren Morning always had plans of having biological kids once he got married. It became apparent that his path would turn out different when he and his wife made the decision to foster to adopt. Here is the story of how they grew their family through helping children in foster care:

The Start of a Foster Adoption Journey

Foster adoptionJerren and his wife started their journey in 2014. Throughout the span of five years, they’ve had a total of four foster children in their home. Out of the four children, the Mornings have adopted three of them. In 2016, they adopted their five-year-old and adopted their three and two-year-olds in 2019. Pursuing the path of fostering changed their lives for the best. Jerren expresses that, “Foster care has been the toughest thing we have done in our life. It’s also been the most rewarding and fulfilling experience.” Even though they may get less sleep and drink more coffee. They have grown in patience and learned to make every day count because, with foster care, tomorrow is not always guaranteed.

Words of Wisdom

If you are considering adopting, Jerren explains that despite the circumstances children in foster care are in, they all need unconditional love. He also advises to “maintain a strong support system” because they would not have made it without the support of friends and family. 

Thank You to the Morning Family

Thank you to Jerren and his family for sharing their story. What wonderful insight into the foster adoption process. For those who are in the process of foster adoption, Foster Love - Together We Rise offers free adoption day photography through our Framing Forever program. Click here for more information.

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