Nov. 20, 2019

Foster Care Adoption: Jessica’s Journey

Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoption can be a long process for some. This week we are featuring Jessica’s story, a wife and a mom of two. She and her husband Brandyn didn’t have the easiest time with their adoption process as it is the type of love that you need to fight for. The journey came with plenty of ups and downs, but in the end it is all worth it. Here is Jessica’s and Brandyn’s story:

The Start of Jessica’s Foster Care Adoption Journey

Their story begins in 2017 when they decided to foster to adopt. They went all in when they saw the need for foster parents. Blake was the first child they fostered and then Blake’s biological sister, Marissa, joined their family. The adoption process was very long and the first six months was the most difficult for them. Marissa expresses, “We were new parents to a severely traumatized two year old, and we lived in survival mode. All we could do was push through, and by doing that, we were all transformed as a family”.

Transformation Through Love

Two years later on October 16, 2019, the adoption for both of their kids was finalized. Reflecting back on the two years, Jessica can see how far they have come as a family. The entire fostering to adopt process changed their lives for the best. She explains that “We can never close our eyes to the transformative power a loving and stable family can have over a child who has experienced trauma. We will never stop advocating for vulnerable children.”

Jessica’s advice for families who are in a similar situation is to “push through the hard moments. The joy of watching your kid finally feel safe and loved will be worth the challenges you go through as a parent.”

Thank You

Foster Care AdoptionThank you, Jessica, for sharing your adoption story. If you are in the process of fostering to adopt and would like to receive free photos of your special day, check out our Framing Forever program. Click here for more details!

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