May 28, 2019

Foster Care Awareness Month 2019

national bike month

Did you know that Foster Care Awareness Month and National Bicycle month are both in May? To help us raise awareness our friends at Huffy Bikes helped us donate bicycles to foster and adoptive families across the U.S. They shipped bikes to our Austin, TX and Brea, CA offices and off we went.

Why Bicycles?

Outside of National Bike Month, Foster Love - Together We Rise is a firm believer in childhood memories. It is important for kids in foster care to have the same opportunities as everyone else. Giving a child a bike is more than just adventure, it is a way to build trust. A way to experience freedom. Even if is it monitored, nothing beats the wind in your hair.

Our Friend Huffy

Our friends at Huffy reached out to us in hopes of joining forces this May. With over 430,000 youth currently in the US foster care system, Huffy wanted to do its part to help create childhood memories for youth who are often forgotten and neglected, while promoting family bonding and togetherness. They felt it was important to combine their love for bikes and helping the community. For over 125 years  Huffy has built bikes that millions of families have enjoyed worldwide. We are thankful for Huffy’s commitment to families and the power of bonding over bicycles.

Bikes For the Whole Family

Using our network of foster agencies we chose families at random to receive bikes. Each family received a brand new bike and helmet. The hopes is that now the whole family has a fun, safe, activity to enjoy together.

In Conclusion

We would like to thank Huffy for their generosity and TWR’s commitment to changing the way youth experience the foster care system. These families will now have a new way to create positive memories that last a lifetime.

Check out our video to see how much joy these bikes bring.

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