May 1, 2020

Foster Care Awareness Month 2020


Foster Care Awareness month is in May. This year things are strange, with the COVID-19 outbreak and everyone practicing social distancing. Obviously, it puts a damper on big events, service projects, and get-togethers. This year we ask you to join us in our emergency efforts supporting foster youth and their families as they navigate COVID-19. Here are 4 ways you can help.

1. Make a Monetary Donation

The most direct way to help during Foster Care Awareness month is to make a donation. The funding goes towards helping kids directly, we have several different COVID initiatives including, housing, groceries, masks, and meals. Pick where you want the donation to go and make a difference now!

Donations over $50 made to our Giving Tuesday NOW campaign receive a limited edition “Adoption: Made by Love” tote and Customizable Water Bottle bundle.

2. Start A Safer At Home Service Project

One of the ways you can raise awareness and help kids in care within your area is by participating in a service project. Because we are practicing social distancing, we created the Safer At Home Service Projects, which allows you to help kids from home. Check out how this program works here.

3. Create a Fundraiser

Get your friends and family involved and start a fundraiser supporting kids in care. This helps you inform people about why foster care is important while contributing to the emergency fund. You can host a fundraiser on the Foster Love - Together We Rise Facebook page or on our website here.

4. Share Foster Love - Together We Rise Posts

One of the easiest ways to help during Foster Care Awareness month is by sharing Foster Love - Together We Rise content with your friends. Share our Facebook posts, tag us, like, and comment on our Instagram. Let your friends and family know what is going on. Encourage people to join you in supporting foster youth.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we invite you to help during Foster Care Awareness month in whatever way you can. It is important that we continue to work together to improve the way kids experience care. One way we do this is by letting people know that they too can help in this change.

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