July 27, 2018

Foster Care Community Services with Worthe


Of all the things to do in Los Angeles, California, our absolute favorite is helping people make a difference in the lives of children in foster care and participating in foster care community services. Whether it’s small groups or huge companies, we love giving people the opportunity to give back to their communities. Philanthropy can bring a team closer together while positively impacting the world at the same time! Our team was excited to work with volunteers from Worthe Real Estate Group at their team-building activity in Hollywood!

65 volunteers gathered at a rooftop restaurant to assemble 16 bikes, 16 skateboards, and 32 Sweet Cases for foster kids. The atmosphere was electric with enthusiasm, and we had a beautiful view! They split into groups of six to complete each project. The teams were fast, efficient, and most importantly, having a blast! They carefully constructed every bike and skateboard, and they packed every Sweet Case with care.

worthe real estate team building event in los angeles california

Spreading the #FosterLove, Worthe Real Estate Group decided to donate the bikes, skateboards, and Sweet Cases™ to multiple agencies. Interim Care Foster Youth received the majority of the donation. Our staff raved about how much fun they had (and how excellent the waffle fries were), so this was definitely an event for the ages!

If you’d like to get involved in your local foster care community services and opportunities and want to learn more about Bike Build team building activities, click here. For more details about other service projects in Los Angeles, California, click here.

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