July 16, 2020

Foster Care Placement Turns Into Adoption


Sometimes, a foster care placement changes hearts and turns into an adoption. We know that the goal of foster care is reunification but 1/4 of children in care can be adopted. What happens to them? Today we share Kalista’s journey and how her foster care placement became part of her family forever.

Fostering Children

Three and a half years ago began the start of Kalista’s family foster care journey. Adoption was never part of the plan initially but things changed.

Six months into fostering they received a three-week-old foster care placement. Kalista recalls,

Since we never planned to adopt, it took some time to reconcile my feelings of guilt and sadness over his and his families’ loss. But I am SO thrilled that he will be a part of our family forever! It’s been a long road but I am so grateful.

Helping Reunify Families

With indigenous children, there is a strong goal of reunification to keep the family and culture alive. Because the bio parents were unable to reunify, the adoption has additional stipulations. Kalista explains,

We were awarded PSI yesterday. It’s not a standard adoption…but a type of adoption used a lot here in our province because a lot of kids here are indigenous and we work with the bands to ensure the kids maintain a connection to their culture.

This process helps to try and preserve the cultural identity of indigenous children. Helping families keep connections to traditions.

Gaining More Than A Child

Kalista is thankful to have grown her family through care. She notes that the best experience has been watching families reunify. While her foster care placements have come and gone. Many of the children and their families remain in touch. Kalista shares,

We’ve learned so much about the brokenness and pain in our community since we started fostering. We’ve become so close to  our kids families… this experience has made us more open and has changed our definition of what family is for the better.

My advice would be to keep an open mind and an open heart. Adoption doesn’t erase their history…nor should it. Teach them about where they come from, encourage relationships with family of possible, and hold space for whatever emotions they may have. Adoption comes with a lot of loss. But it also comes with so much joy. ❤️

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Kalista for sharing the story about her foster care placement turned adoption. We hope that more people can open their hearts not just to the children they care but to their families as well. Why not choose love?

For those interested in adoption, check out our Adoption Calculator here for more information on cost per state.

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