July 23, 2019

Foster Care Support: National Parents’ Day

Foster Care Support

Foster care support is important especially to foster families. Often times foster parents are given placements with no notice and they happily open their homes. On Tuesday, July 16th we held an in-house volunteer event in honor of National Parents’ Day.

What Is National Parents’ Day?

National Parents’ Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of July. This year it falls on July 28th. While it is not observed as a national holiday, it is a day to celebrate the beauty and chaos that comes with being a parent. To extend that joy our volunteers came together at the Brea, CA office to assemble “survival kits.”

The Foster Care Support Event

In total, 25 of our local volunteers joined us to assemble 110 parent “survival kits.” The white canvas kits came with a custom Foster Love stamp on the front. Each kit contained: hand sanitizer, shout wipes, wet wipe, bandaids, Advil, gum, lotion, chapstick, to-go drink mix, and a vitamin c pack. To complete the gift, we also included handwritten thank you cards. The idea behind the project is to help foster parents feel valued and appreciated. Often times we take their commitment to helping children at their most vulnerable times for granted. Foster parents are working hard to ensure the safety of a child that may continue to move to other homes and spaces. So it is important that we acknowledge their contribution.

In Conclusion

In addition to helping with the survival kits, the volunteers organized and bagged 7200 temporary tattoos for the Superhero Box. We are so thankful to our amazing volunteers! Their commitment to helping children in foster care is always inspiring.

We are always in need of volunteers nationwide. Get your philanthropy on by helping kids in foster care with us. Check out all the ways we help. https://www.togetherwerise.org/how-we-help/


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