Feb. 3, 2019

Foster Care Volunteer with Team Building


Whether you’re pitching to clients, creating innovative marketing strategies, or coming up with the next big thing, creativity is vital in any industry. Therefore, companies should invest in their employees’ creativity to help them develop skills that will enhance both their work and their quality of life. Here are a few ideas for creative foster care volunteer team building activities:

Think Outside the (Birthday) Box

Our Birthday Boxes are designed to make it easy for anyone to become an artist; all you have to do is color in the lines, and you’ll have a beautiful Birthday Box for a child in foster care. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box with the items you put inside. We include toys, candy, birthday poppers, a crown, a card, a banner, and so much more, but there’s still room to add items if you’d like!

Bike Build /Build-a-Board

If your preferred form of creativity is puzzles and problem-solving, then we’ve got another couple programs for you to check out – Bike Build and Build-a-Board! With these programs, teams work together to assemble bikes and skateboards. Though we provide all the tools, parts, and instructions you need, building bikes get gears turning in people’s minds and allows them to see things from a different perspective.

Sweet Cases

The most popular team building activity at Foster Love - Together We Rise also happens to be the most creative! With Sweet Cases, we invite volunteers to decorate duffle bags for children in foster care. We’ve seen incredibly detailed works of art as well as simple, cute designs. No matter what you doodle, you’ll tap into your artistic side and flex your creative muscles.

Foster Love - Together We Rise is helping children in foster care nationwide, from LA to NYC and everywhere in between. Let us help you accomplish your team building goals through the foster care volunteer opportunities we provide. 

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