June 24, 2021

Foster Family Turned Forever Family


It takes a special person to open their door to foster children and even more of a  special person to make foster children a permanent part of their family. Rachel is one of those people. Read her story of how her foster family turned into her forever family.

Where it all Began

Adoption was always on the table for Rachel. To her and her partner, it didn’t matter where their children came from, they would love and cherish them all the same. Rachel was told that she would never be able to have biological children, but was blessed with her son Lucas. When Lucas was 15 months old the family decided it was time to expand. Certification and training to be foster parents took Rachel and her partner about six months.

Love Makes a House a Home

Since being certified in 2017 the family has cared for six foster children, each one special in their own way. In January of 2020, Rachel’s permanent family grew by two when a pair of biological siblings age two and six were officially adopted. The pair had been placed with Rachel two years prior, and the two-year-old’s first home after being born was Rachel’s.

A New Normal

Fostering and adopting are both an adjustment. Rachel says,

 Our life is so completely different. There are crazy and stressful times of course. We are so busy with young children again. But it’s also so full and we are so grateful to be able to provide them a great life

The process of fostering or fostering to adopt is not easy. Rachel recalls all of the appointments, meetings, and social worker visits, but the result is way worth it. Fostering means opening your home and caring for a child in need. While things can be difficult, Rachel reassures that it does get easier.

A Mother’s Love

Rachel’s love for her children shines through how she speaks about them.

 The best experience has been getting the kids that were meant for our family.

Thank you Rachel for sharing the heartwarming story of how your foster family turned into a forever family. To read more adoption stories or learn more about fostering, visit our site.

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