Jan. 7, 2020

Foster Kids for Adoption: The Huttons


There are thousands of foster kids for adoption. Adopting a child of your own comes with a unique set of challenges. The process can consist of plenty of excitement, but also sadness. Overall, the joy that it gives to both the parents and child helps to overcome all obstacles. Here is Dillion and his partner’s story of how their son Coven tremendously changed their life. 

The Start of Fostering to Adopt

This adoption journey began 2 ½ years ago. Initially, they weren’t interested in fostering to adopt, but their plans changed after becoming close to three foster children that stayed with them. They knew that there was room in their homes and hearts for adopting children of their own. A year later, on November 21st, they adopted their son Coven. 

The best experience of this journey was seeing the maturity of their son. They captured the growth of their child from the start of the process to the ending. Through this experience, each person was able to grow as they had to adjust to each others’ quirks and differences. Dillion expresses “We’re all different and that’s what makes us unique and great.”

For those in similar situations that are interested in adopting, Dillion advises “to be patient and give each child a chance, especially teenagers. They’re not bad kids, they just have baggage that needs unloading and that’s what we’re here for is to let them unpack and store their luggage in our hearts and comfort them.”

Foster Kids for Adoption, Conclusion

Thank you to the Huttons for sharing your story! It is a beautiful reminder of how love grows. 

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