Sept. 28, 2023

Foster Love's Disney Days: Bringing Magic to Sibling Reunification


For the Foster Love team and our dedicated volunteers and partners, Disney Days is the most anticipated event of the year. For many siblings who have been separated by the foster care system, the thought of spending a day at Disneyland together seems like a far-fetched dream. Foster Love makes this dream a reality for hundreds of kids each year, restoring the magic of childhood and preserving the sacred bond between siblings.

Foster Love's Disney Days event is more than just a day trip to Disneyland. It is the largest sibling reunification event in the country. This monumental event brings siblings together, even if just for a day, to reinstill their sense of love and belonging. Heartbreakingly, nearly 70% of children who enter the fo

ster care system alongside their siblings are unable to remain housed with their brothers and sisters. Our Disney Days event brings families back together, providing them with the stability and connection they desperately need.

In the spirit of Disney, this is truly a magical day. As the children arrive, they are joyfully reunited with their siblings. Our dedicated volunteers are there to greet them, offering goodie bags and snacks. As soon as the children arrive, we are committed to ensuring they have the most incredible day imaginable. The day is filled with iconic Disney rides, unforgettable character meet-and-greets, and enchanting parades that never fail to captivate. Witness the pure joy on every child's face as they discover the magic of Disneyland together.

The Foster Love team is endlessly grateful to our volunteers who selflessly give their time and energy to help make Disney Days a success. They help with everything from organizing transportation to chaperoning the children around the park, always doing so with smiles on their faces and hearts full of love. The collective effort to make this event happen is truly inspiring and everyone involved takes great pride in bringing joy to the lives of these deserving children.

“Every Year we leave this event in tears. It’s the most magical and memorable day of the year for my husband and I. We love this event with our whole heart.” - Disney Day Volunteer

Disney Days is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the needs of the foster care system and how we can all help make a difference. It is a chance to educate the community about the issues facing siblings in foster care and how we can support organizations like Foster Love in their efforts to reunite siblings and provide them with the love and support they desperately need.

“It was so amazing to live through the eyes of the children. They were so

excited from the rides and Disney characters, but most importantly the reunion of siblings and the excitement and joy to spend the day together.” - Disney Day Volunteer

Foster Love's Disney Days event is a powerful and magical experience for everyone involved. It offers a much-needed break to children who are going through some of the most challenging and traumatic experiences of their lives, and it allows siblings to reconnect and share a day they will never forget. It is an inspiring event that highlights the best of humanity and reminds us that even the smallest acts of kindness can make a big difference. We are honored to be a part of such a powerful movement and look forward to continuing to support siblings in foster care.

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