Aug. 7, 2018

Foster Mother Volunteer Team Building Activity


Although all of our programs at Foster Love - Together We Rise improve the lives of foster children, we enjoy brightening the lives of foster parents and families as well! Parenting a child in the foster care system is extremely rewarding, but it also has its own unique challenges. Foster moms and dads deserve recognition and appreciation just as much as birth parents do, and for this reason, we decided to host a volunteer team building activity right before Mother’s Day at our HQ in Brea, California to create gift jars for foster mothers in our local community.

After we settled on a date, we informed all of our wonderful local volunteers. When the big day arrived, we decorated our headquarters in Brea and organized all the donated supplies. Then, we got ready to meet all of our amazing volunteers! We asked for donations from the community prior to the event, and we were amazed at everyone’s generosity; all 50 gift jars were full to the brim with donated goods thanks to the kindness of our donors. Community members donated all kinds of items to make our Mother’s Day gift jars great! We received a foster love necklace, bath soaps, beauty products, and other household items.

In total, we worked together to create 50 Mother’s Day gift jars. We donated them all to McKinley Children’s Center, sure to bring a smile to foster parents’ faces. While our programs mainly help foster kids, it was a fantastic feeling to be able to give back to the people who welcome these children into their homes and hearts.

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