Feb. 5, 2020

Foster to Adopt Process: Michaela’s Journey

The foster to adopt process varies from family to family. In December of 2017, Michaela Kalisch and her husband received a call that would change their lives forever. The call notified them that two boys needed a home and the couple immediately knew the boys were going to be theirs. A few months later, in March, the placement of both boys went through. The couple unknowingly started the journey of expanding their family. After 5 months the couple legally adopted both of them.

Doubling up in the Foster to Adopt Process

A few months later the newly doubled family received another call asking for placement of another boy. He stayed in an unsafe placement and it took less than 12 hours to have him relocated to their home. The family knew that the little boy would be a perfect fit and they took him in with open arms.

Just two months later the boy’s infant brother also needed placement and yet again the Kalisch family opened up their home. So in a matter of 20 months, the family of only 2 grew into a family of 6!

Growing a family through adoption comes with different intrinsic rewards. Earning the trust of the kids enough to be deemed worthy to be called “Mom and Dad” and hearing the words “I love you” for the first time is something Michaela and her husband will never forget. They watched as their kids let their walls down and saw how they slowly learned to rely on them.

Best Help for Those in the Foster to Adopt Process

According to Michaela, an important thing to keep in mind for new adoptive parents is to ask for help from those who know or understand your situation. Listen to and soak up all the advice you can. Adoption is a different world that needs to be taken day by day. You can prepare as best you can for the hard times. But no one needs to prepare you for special moments because everything just comes easy.

In Conclusion,

In conclusion, we want to thank you, Michaela Kalisch, for sharing your incredible story with us. If you’re in the process of fostering to adopt, Foster Love - Together We Rise also offers free adoption day photography through our Framing Forever program. Click here for more information!

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