June 30, 2021

Fostering For Life


Accepting the role of a foster parent means opening your home and your heart to children that desperately need a home. For some people, fostering is like second nature and something they always knew they could do. For others, the role of a foster parent comes after a journey of discovering their role in their world.

Kayla M. and her husband represent both types of people. For Kayla, her life plan meant for her to become a foster turned adoptive mother. This was not so inherent for her husband but his faith helped him step in stepping into the role of foster, and eventually, an adoptive father.

Baby Levi

Kayla and her husband brought their son home from the NICU shortly after he was born. As their third foster placement, the couple had a five-hour notice to get ready for his arrival. They scrambled to buy a car seat on the way to the hospital.

Levi, their son, was not originally supposed to be a permanent placement. His biological parents worked hard toward reunification but two years later when the court date came, Levi’s biological mother told the judge that she wanted Levi to be with Kayla and her husband.

Kayla will never forget this moment,

 My heart filled with all emotions at once. Shock. Joy. Grief.

Life as a Family

Kayla and her husband’s lives changed so much since Levi became a part of their family.

Our house is now always messy. We have to go grocery shopping twice a week. Personal space is not a thing. Every decision we make involves the plans of including the possibility of more kids.

Looking Forward

Levi’s parents have no plans to stop fostering. In fact, they even plan to buy a larger home to be able to take in more foster kids. Their plans to continue fostering show their lifelong dedication to helping the children that need it the most.

Words of Wisdom

There is one quote that Kayla believes captures the fostering to adopt experience as a parent.

I could be sitting on the sidelines in blissful ignorance of the brokenness that surrounds me, enjoying the wholeness of a sweet and sheltered life. Missing out on the beauty of breaking off pieces of my own heart and my own life to make another whole. -Fostering the Family

Thank you, Kayla, for opening your home to fostering for life and sharing your family’s story with us. For more heartwarming adoption stories, visit our site here.

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