April 26, 2020

Fostering to Adopt an Infant: Jacqueline’s Story

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Fostering to adopt an infant can be a long journey. With all foster to adoption stories, this one has unique insight on medical needs in infants. Today we chatted with Jacqueline about her family’s journey through foster care.

Meeting a Tiny Baby

This story starts on March 23rd, 2015. A tiny baby barely tipping the scale at 6LBS was placed in Jacqueline’s home as foster. The 10-day old baby came and changed everything. At 15 months doctors deemed the baby medically fragile placing her on a feeding tube. Because of her fragile state, the foster agency wanted to place her in an F rated home.

To help keep her safe in their home, Jacqueline took medical training at the hospital. She even enrolled in additional classes to make sure she could care for her fully.

Adopting and Infant

Jacqueline and her family went into fostering with the hopes to adopt. She had always wanted to adopt a child and finally on May 10th, 2019 it happened. Jacqueline recalls the process and says,

Foster to adopt was an intense roller coaster.  Lots of emotions. Her case, in particular,  she spent over a month at the children’s hospital in Los Angeles. We never left her side,  my husband and I took turns staying at the hospital. There were other foster children in the hospital that were alone and we visited them.

What Matters

With such obstacles, we asked Jacqueline to tell us about her happiest moment. She said.

The biggest and greatest blessing was being able to secure her safety after being adopted. Making medical decisions,  and not waiting for the court to decide. She is thriving and happy.

Words to Live By

Jacqueline left us with this great take away.

My advice would be.. is just give kids as much love as possible.  And surround yourself with a supportive and loving village.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Jacqueline and her family for sharing their fostering to adopt and infant story. For those interested in fostering to adopt. Check out our adoption calculator to see the cost of adoptions in your state here.

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