Sept. 13, 2019

Fostering to Adopt: Tonia Story

Fostering to adopt

Fostering to adopt is a journey that many take with varying results. This week we chat with Tonia about her family’s foster to adoption story.

Similar Beginnings

Tonia and her husband both came from diverse familiar backgrounds. Tonia had a guardianship until adulthood and her husband was adopted as an infant. Their histories lead them to want to grow their families through adoption. Tonia shares, “I always wanted the opportunity to give kids the family that they deserved and that I also wanted, as well as to give my son the siblings he wanted! We started fostering in June 2016 and took a group of 5 siblings right off the bat, going from a family of 3 to a family of 8 overnight.”

Days To Remember

After two years of fostering their first placement, Tonia and her husband adopted three girls. With Brooke being their 4th adoption. We were lucky to help take adoption day photos for them through our Framing Forever program.

A Long Road

Tonia expressed that the process of fostering to adopt took time. “It has been a long road! All of our kiddos started out in reunifications that failed. There were a lot of services, therapy, and super hard work with each of the kids. Going through the motions, waiting on hearings and appeals, and just trying to be as “normal” as we could possibly be. This has definitely been a long road!”

The Light At the End of the Tunnel

While the journey from fostering to adoption is longwinded there is hope. Tonia let us in on the best part of the adoption process. “Finalizing the adoptions and knowing that we are bound as a family forever and won’t lose each other!”

Their life has changed dramatically. “We went from a family of 3 to a family of 8! Now, we are always busy and into something. We have lost and gained friends! Our values have shifted.”

Words of Wisdom

After all the ups and downs, Tonia leaves us with these words of wisdom regarding the foster to adoption process.

“Be patient and learn to accept that although we are advocates for these kids, we are not in control here. It has been difficult for me to settle into this role of waiting and hoping, sometimes pushing- but it is what it is! “


Thanks to Tonia and her family for sharing their adoption journey with us. The opportunity to help with their adoption day photos and their openness is admirable. Thank you so much.

For those in the process of fostering to adopt. Please check out our Framing Forever program for free adoption days photo.

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