Nov. 6, 2019

Four Fun Team Building Holiday Activities

Holiday Team Building Activities

With the season of giving right around the corner. We’ve made a comprehensive list of the top team building holiday activities. EVER. Before we start, let’s preface that not everyone celebrates the holidays so we are trying to keep things light and inclusive.

1. Themed Team Building Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts can be as simple and as complicated as you’d like to make them. Because of the winter weather consider having an office-wide scavenger hunt. One of our favorite ways to leverage scavenger hunts is by incorporating a service project element.

For example, we love using our build a board program in tandem with a scavenger hunt. So rather than just solving a puzzle, each part of the scavenger hunt rewards the team with pieces of the skateboard that they have to build together. Even if the team collects all the pieces first, they still need to build the board together. Bonus points come from those boards being donated to kids in care.

2. Flex Your Inner Creative

You know your team the best. If you work with creatives or those who are into crafting and art hobbies consider investing in a team building project that highlights their strength. 

One of the ways we help organizations with create team builds is having them host a Sweet Case service project. We suggest that placing people into small groups and having them compete for the most creative design. It allows everyone to learn about each other while showing off art skills and helping kids in care. Everyone wins!

3. Host A Day Of Community Service

Team building can easily incorporate your organization’s corporate and social responsibility efforts. A simple and welcoming way to engage your employees and help your community.

Our favorite way to accomplish this is with our sibling reunification events. Your company helps to sponsor a trip to a local theme park for kids in care. It is a fun way to help vulnerable youth in the community and build trust and understanding amongst your team. Events like this highlight your moral and ethical values. It allows your team to feel aligned adding extra value to these team building holiday activities.

4. Disguise the Team Build as a Holiday Party

Invite your team to a holiday party but include a team building component. This is the best way to ease in some games and getting to know you activities with a holiday theme. 

We would suggest including a holiday bike build to benefit kids in foster care. Start off with some ice breaker games and split up your team into groups to build bikes.

Congrats on Your Future Team Building Holiday Activities

Now that you have a better idea of how to include team building with your holiday plans. Take some time to connect with us here. We love to help teams grow while supporting kids in their community. Cheers! 

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