Nov. 22, 2019

Four Things TWR is Thankful For

Thankful for

What are you thankful for? Well, as we enter this giving season the TWR team reflects on four things we are thankful for.

1. We are Thankful for Our Supporters

The Foster Love - Together We Rise team is so grateful for our supporters nationwide. Whether you are a fan, volunteer, donor, agency or corporate partner, we see you and value you. The success of our mission is highly dependent on our network of supporters and we literally could not exist with your help. Thank you for being there. Thank you for being present and thank you for being a champion for kids in care.

2. We are Thankful for the Resiliency of the Human Spirit

While we are an indirect provider of support to kids in foster care, we help hundreds a day. Many of the stories we hear about these young people in care are heartbreaking. But these children are so strong in the face of uncertainty. They are ready to be seen and heard and we are honored to know them and lifted by their resiliency.

Many of our biggest supporters are former foster youth and their readiness to help others who come from similar situations is humbling. Thank you.

The support we offer these youths is not nearly enough and we are thankful to continue to grow and build more programs.

3. We are Thankful to Have the Largest Scholarship Fund for Former and Current Foster Youth

We are so proud of all our Family Fellows. Being able to help current and former foster youth accomplish their academic goals is amazing. We are on our fifth cohort of just amazing young people. They are going to change the world.

Our Family Fellowship program is a resource that we are so thankful to offer. Education is an invaluable resource and all of our current fellows make us so proud. They inspire us to work harder.

4. We are Thankful for Our Team

If you have ever worked with Foster Love - Together We Rise, you know that our team is full of passionate people. People who really care about their community and being a part of something larger than themselves.

Every morning the team starts a 6 AM day and works until the work is done. The team continues to grow and each new member adds more energy and enthusiasm to the mission. We are thankful to work side by side so many great, compassionate people. Thank you.

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