Sept. 29, 2023

From Foster Care to Skilled Trades: The Pathway Offered by Our BrandSource Scholarship


Every young person deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their highest potential, but for foster youth, the journey to higher education is often met with challenges that many don't have to face. Statistics show that only 10% of former foster youth manage to obtain a college degree, highlighting a systemic issue that demands our attention. However, organizations like Foster Love and BrandSource are stepping up to address this issue head-on, providing vital support and much-needed resources to foster youth who aspire to pursue higher education.

The Uphill Battle

For many foster youth, the struggles begin long before they even contemplate higher education. Growing up in an unstable environment, with multiple placements and often lacking the familial and financial support that their peers receive, foster youth face an uphill battle. Basic needs such as housing, stability, and emotional support are far from guaranteed, making the pursuit of education seem like a distant dream. This lack of stability often leads to disruptions in their academic journey, leaving foster youth already behind their peers when it comes to education.

Foster Love and BrandSource: Illuminating the Path

Amidst these challenges, organizations like Foster Love and BrandSource are beacons of hope, lighting up the path to education and success for foster youth. The BrandSource Scholarship, in collaboration with Foster Love, is a lifeline for current and former foster youth pursuing vocational education. This scholarship not only provides financial assistance of up to $11,000 per student but also acknowledges the potential of foster youth to thrive in the trades – a booming industry that offers stability and opportunity.

By alleviating the financial burdens associated with securing a trade certification, the BrandSource Scholarship is empowering foster youth to take charge of their future. This support not only bridges the financial gap but also sends a powerful message: that foster youth are not defined by their past, but by their potential.

Securing Job Security and Readiness

With vocational education, these young individuals can acquire practical skills that translate directly into the workforce, minimizing the gap between education and employment. The BrandSource Scholarship is a game-changer, offering a tangible opportunity for foster youth to break the cycle of instability.


The struggles that foster youth face on their journey to higher education are undeniable, but they are not insurmountable. Organizations like Foster Love and BrandSource are rewriting the narrative, offering much-needed support and resources to empower these young individuals to pursue education and build meaningful careers. The BrandSource Scholarship is not just a financial lifeline; it's a beacon of hope, a testament to the potential of foster youth, and a step toward a brighter, more equitable future. As we continue to uplift and invest in foster youth, we pave the way for them to overcome adversity and achieve their dreams.

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