Sept. 25, 2020

Gay Adoption is Beautiful: Love Makes a Family

Gay adoption is beautiful and the sexual orientation of the parents doesn’t make them less or more worthy of having a loving family.

Today we speak with Nick Peters Bond about how he and his husband Michael fostered to adopt their daughter. Check out our conversation about their family and why gay adoption is beautiful.

Q. When did you start your adoption journey?

Gay Adoption

A. I have always known that I wanted to be a parent but I was not sure what that might look like for me. In late 2016, my husband Michael and I initially looked into a fertility clinic and what that would entail. Unfortunately, the costs were astronomical for a gay male couple to have a biological child. It almost seemed impossible. Around April of 2017, we saw an informational class available through the state of Massachusetts about fostering and adopting. It piqued our interest, and we decided to attend. From there, Michael and I went forward and took the MAAP training course to become a certified foster/adoptive parent.

Q. When did you all finalize the adoption?

A. Savannah’s adoption date is 9/12/19. When we first got her she was just barely a week old and she has been with us ever since. She is now 3!

Q. Please share your adoption experience with us.

Gay Adoption

A. Knowing the legal risk involved, we were hopeful to foster to adopt a newborn. When we got the call for our daughter it was 11 am; by 8 pm we were home with a newborn child! It was definitely a whirlwind few weeks! Months went by and it was radio silence from the bio parents. Eventually, the biological parental rights were terminated. Michael and I then started the adoption process. In total it took a little over 2 years for everything to come to fruition. It still is so crazy to me that we were lucky enough to have virtually no interaction with the bio parents and very few hiccups along the way. I know our situation is unique and we are so lucky. Essentially, our dreams of raising a child from birth came true.

Q. What is the best experience you’ve had through this process?

Gay Adoption

A. The best experience we have had through this process is seeing our daughter grow. When parents say that time flies they are not lying! We also had such an amazing team from DCF in Massachusetts guiding us along the way. They were helpful, informative and reassuring us every step of the way. A big shout out to them!

Q. How has your life changed since you started this journey?

Gay Adoption

A. Our world has been turned upside down (for the better) since we have had our daughter. Daily, she reminds me what love is and how much happiness one little human can have. It helps restore some sort of faith in humanity in these crazy times. It is challenging being a parent but it has made us better people and truly have given our lives so much joy!

Q. Any advice you’d like to share with people choosing to adopt?

Gay Adoption

A. A few pieces of advice I can give to future foster/adoptive parents is to always advocate for yourself and your family, trust the process and your team, and lastly always remember no matter what happens you are giving a child a better life and future regardless of how long they have spent with you. Cherish every moment!

Our situation is unique just like everyone else’s. I always tell people who are thinking about starting this process to go for it. It is truly life-changing for a child and it can make the world of difference.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Nick and his husband Michael for giving us more insights on why gay adoption is beautiful. Love is what makes a family!

For those interested in learning more about foster care adoptions, check out our adoption calculator here.

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