Oct. 1, 2020

Girl Scouts Help with Safer At Home Service Project


The Girls Scouts are longtime supporters of Foster Love - Together We Rise and since COVID many troops have completed a Safer at Home Service Project. You might be wondering, what is a “Safer at Home Service Project” is. Well, since COVID we have had to get creative with how we can engage the community while helping kids in foster care.

Safer At Home Service Project

The Safer at Home Service Project allows people to participate in one of Foster Love - Together We Rise’s giving back projects, while socially distancing. Some of these events are even held virtually!

Troop 5465

One thing we love about all of our Girl Scout friends is how much they care about their community. Truly, it is amazing to see kids, caring about other kids. The 18 girls of troop 5465 decided to help kids in foster care by decorating and assembling Sweet Cases.

Sweet Cases are new duffle bags full of comfort items. Each bag is decorated with fun images and inspiring messages to show the kids that the community cares about them.

Troop 5465’s volunteer mom, Cynthia Califano-Betancourt tells us,

The girls were super excited to help out their community by working on this project. As Girl Scouts, their goal is to make the world a better place and this project has done just that.

Califano-Betancourt and her daughter love the Sweet Case program and have participated in 3 service projects with their family.

The beauty of the Safer at Home Service Project is that it helps organizations and groups like Girl Scout Troop 5465 stay connected while socially distancing.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we want to thank Troop 5465 for caring about their community. Even during a pandemic, there is still a need to help children in the foster care community.

To learn how you can help kids in your community by sponsoring a Safer at Home Service Project, connect with us HERE.

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