Oct. 8, 2019

Giving Back Boxes Are Back!

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Giving Back Boxes are back! But what in the world is a Giving Back Box? Well, for the last four years Foster Love - Together We Rise has run a Giving Back Box program at the end of each year to help make giving back to your community super easy. 

No, Really. What is a Giving Back Box?

Giving Back Boxes are simple kits with everything you need in one box to complete one of our three sponsorship based service projects. Yes! You read that right. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN A BOX! 

Each kit comes in one of three sizes; small which helps 10 kids in foster care, a large which helps 20 kids, and then there is a custom option. If you are interested in a combo please contact us directly so we can help you! 

What Service Projects Can We Sponsor?

With the Giving Back Box you have the option to choose from one of our classic Sweet Case duffle bag, our Birthday Box, or the Superhero Box programs. 

The Sweet Case program starts at a sponsorship point of $250 for a small box and comes with 10 duffle bags to decorate and fill with comfort items. Children in foster care are often given trash bags to move their personal items from home to home. Help us replace trash bags with a Sweet Case Giving Back Box. 

The small Birthday Box Giving Back Box comes with 10 birthday themed boxes with all the items you need to celebrate a birthday but the cake. A small Birthday Box Giving Back Box starts at $200 and helps 10 children celebrate their birthdays. 

Our latest addition to the Giving Back Box family is the Superhero Box. A small Superhero Giving Back Box starts at $250 and helps 10 kids feel super. Many children in care suffer from depression and low self-esteem. Let’s inspire them with the Superhero Giving Back Box.

Who Can Do the Giving Back Box?

Everyone and anyone can do Giving Back Box. All you need is a location for us to ship the box to and you are good to go. Whether you choose to do this as a family service project or with your coworkers, Giving Back Boxes are the best way to help kids in foster care this season.

How Do I Get Started?

 Now, this is the easy part. Visit our website here and select the Giving Back Box project that you are interested in and you are ready to go! 

Thank you for making kids in foster care part of your charitable giving this year. They truly need everyone’s help and you are now part of that mission. 


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