July 15, 2014

Giving Back Self Esteem to Teens through Charities for Foster Care!

Giving back Self Esteem to Teens

Back to school is usually a time that parents love and kids dread. The only thing kids have to look forward to is getting their brand new back to school gear and showing off their new clothes on the first day of school. Because of this, we’re going on a clothing tour to provide new clothes through charities for foster care to kids all over the country!

Now imagine taking away new clothes and adding a new school, a new home, and a new family. This is the scenario for a majority of America’s foster youth heading back to school. Typically, a foster teenager will only receive $50 to $250 (depending on state) allowance for back to school supplies. Unfortunately, these days that doesn’t buy much. In contrast, the average American spends $290 on clothing, $110 on shoes, and $100 on school supplies. A lot of what they receive may completely depend on our contributions and charities for foster care.

Here at Foster Love - Together We Rise, we decided we wanted to help some of these teens who will be attending new schools, with new placements, and new surroundings with old hand-me-down clothing. So this summer we are packing our bags and going on a clothing tour across the country to provide new back to school clothing for teens in foster care.

Our clothing tour starts in Los Angeles, California and ends in Boston, Massachusetts. We will stop in 16 different cities in between giving 70 teenaged boys a chance to shop through our pop up shop and pick out their own back to school gear. Don’t worry, we’re also providing clothes for the girls! Threads For Teens will be hooking the girls up with sweet new clothes in addition to the boys.

We will provide 150 teenage foster youth with back to school clothing in 16 different cities across the U.S.  We’ve completed our first stop at Universal Studios in Hollywood, California and are off to Las Vegas and Phoenix tomorrow! If you’re following us, make sure you take a picture and tag us with #togetherwerise and #clothingtour.

We couldn’t have done this without our sponsors! Special thanks to Active, Jockey, Toyota, Pretzel Crisps, New Era, Avery Denison, Monster, Cotton On, and Hubert’s Lemonade.

To learn more about how we can help out our local community and make an impact, visit https://www.togetherwerise.org/how-we-help/

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