March 5, 2020

Greeting Cards For Adoption Community

Adoptionly Yours fills the need for greeting cards specific to the adoption community. The Tampa mom team, Stacy Clark and Jayne Alfieri started their company to change the narrative on adoption.

The Start of Adoptionly Yours

Stacy Clark and Jayne Alfieri both adopted their daughters over a decade ago. With this came an emotional journey that brought the two of them closer as friends. They found that their friends and families wanted to support them but were limited by how. Their friends and family sent birthday cards with the birthday crossed out and ‘Gotcha’ Day written instead. These gestures are common but more could be done.

Clark and Alfieri knew they needed to help solve this need. With their professional backgrounds cemented in creative design, they launched Adoptionly Yours.

What Does Adoptionly Your Look Like?

The greeting card company launched last week and is designed to fill the adoption card void. There are 64 greeting cards and 100 assorted products designed to speak to adoption events. Everything from “Gotcha Days,” to cards dealing with grief from an adoption that fell through.

There is also a product line titled, “Love Your Brave” meant to show appreciation to birth mothers. Showing gratitude towards birth mothers can be difficult. This line of products can help give tangible options while changing the narrative of adoption.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, we are so thankful for Stacy Clark and Jayne Alfieri commitment to helping the adoption community. They are huge supporters and for each “You are Awesome” gratitude card sent to birth mothers, $1 will be donated to us to help kids in foster care.

For those interested in adoption, please check out our adoption calculator here. It gives you insight into the different types of adoption and costs per state. Check it out!

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