June 1, 2019

Group Activities With Disney

group activities

We love group activities. Especially when we are helping our Disney VoluntEARs friends! A lot of us at Foster Love - Together We Rise have a special place in our hearts for Disney. Our Brea HQ is right up the street from Disneyland. We literally jumped for joy when the Disney VoluntEARs asked us for our help.

Disney VoluntEARs Celebrate 35 Years

The Disney VoluntEARs are a group of Disney Cast Members worldwide who participate in service projects and group activities to benefit their communities. This year is their 35th anniversary and to celebrate they had a Global Week of Service.

“The Disney VoluntEARS program started at Disneyland Resort in 1983 when a group of Cast Members formed a team based on Disney’s long legacy of volunteer service. Since then, Disney VoluntEARS have provided more than 10 million hours of volunteer service worldwide in hospitals, at beach cleanups on community playground builds, and more”, said one representative.

Superheroes Unite!

We met up with the Disney VoluntEARs at the Grand Central Air Terminal, in Glendale, CA. This event was part of their annual LA VoluntEARs thank you event and awards ceremony.

Our team was stoked to start setting up for the event. There were tons of different stations with other charities to help. For this team building service project the Disney VoluntEARs chose to decorate and assemble Birthday Boxes and (drum roll, please) Superhero boxes!

We’ve been lucky to work with the VoluntEARs on a few team building projects before and they were ecstatic to assemble the new Superhero boxes. Even though the event took place outside in the sweltering sun, the VoluntEARs decorated and assembled 150 Birthday Boxes and 150 Superhero Boxes.

All Great Days Must End

In conclusion, we had such an amazing time with the Disney VoluntEARs. They are a great reminder of how individuals can make a difference in their communities every day.

The next Disney VoluntEARs event can’t come soon enough! We are so grateful for all the charitable work they do in our community and beyond.

Are you excited about helping your community? Check out how you can get involved with us here.

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