Nov. 16, 2018

Group Charity Activities with JetBlue in Boston


The best things happen in Boston and for National Philanthropy Month. This year we decided to bring more joy to the Bay State. On November 15th, Foster Love - Together We Rise partnered with JetBlue to set up giant group charity activities in the heart of Boston Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. When as we landed, we set to work to create a team-building activity designed to bring everyone together. Bonus, the activity benefits foster youth in Boston.

For this philanthropy event Foster Love - Together We Rise brought 250 Sweet Cases. Sweet Cases are blue duffle bags full of toys and comfort items for kids in foster care. JetBlue pilots and passengers from all over the world helped us decorate the duffles with pastels. Creating wonderful designs and personalizing bags for children in need.

We got flight crew members from other airlines to help too. Everyone at the airport was excited to participate in the service project. JetBlue provided tote bags to each person who lent a hand. Not only did they get to use their creative talents for good, but they also got a convenient carry-on bag!

Thanks to the help of our volunteers, all 250 Sweet Cases were filled to the brim with blankets, stuffed animals, hygiene kits, and other toys, and they were covered in colorful drawings of animals, hearts, and other doodles. On the flight back home, all we could think about was how grateful we are to partner with such amazing companies and people, and we hope to have another amazing airport philanthropy project next year!

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