Dec. 14, 2018

HBO Team Build with Bike Build

Build a Bike

HBO has plenty of shows that tug on people’s heartstrings; turns out their volunteers are excellent at warming hearts too! Foster Love - Together We Rise teamed up with HBO at their Santa Monica headquarters to build bicycles for children in foster care. Our Bike Build team build programs include everything you need, so it’s easy and fun to give back to your community!

For the team-building event, we took over HBO’s basketball court with 60 bikes for them to assemble. We gathered together 40 volunteers to help and they were all excited to help brighten children’s lives! After assigning each volunteer to a team, we gave each team a toolkit and bicycle parts. Volunteers quickly got into a rhythm attaching bike chains, wheels, and handlebars to the bikes and securing each one. After the first few teams finished, we joined them in cheering on the remaining volunteers. With 60 bikes, we covered almost the entire basketball court! We also checked tires and tested out the bikes to make sure they were safe for kids to ride. Once we were sure that every bike was ship-shape, we packed them all up into our truck to donate.

A local foster agency accepted the donation of bikes just in time for the holidays. Winter is coming, and winter break will be tons of fun for foster children now that they have bicycles of their very own! Thank you so much to the incredible volunteers at HBO for helping make this philanthropy event happen. So many kids in Santa Monica will have fun childhood memories thanks to you!

By participating in a charity team-building activity, you can make friends while also making a difference in a child’s life! If you want to start a Bike Build team-building project for your community, click here. To read about other team-building events in California, click here.

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