Oct. 24, 2019

How Are You Preparing for Giving Tuesday?

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How are you preparing for Giving Tuesday? This is a real question this season. There are so many different charities and just as many ways to give. Here are our pro-tips on getting ready for the world day of giving. 

Start with Something Simple

The best way to get started with something is by starting small. Consider starting a clothing or can food drive. This is an easy way to join Giving Tuesday while working on Marie Kundo’s minimalist system.

Try connecting with local a group home, women’s or homeless shelter, let them know that you are going to work on giving them new and gently used clothing.

We all have the ability to give from what we own. Or buy small items, including canned food. If you are super excited about helping consider expanding the clothing or canned drive to your friends, family, and co-workers.

Get Your Friends Involved

Charitable work is best done with others. Get your friends and family to help support you Giving Tuesday plans. Whether you are going to physically volunteer time, give tangible or monetary donations, ask them to join you. 

Create a Tradition of Giving

One way you can get ahead on Giving Tuesday is by making it apart of your season plans. Whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or any type of holiday include Giving Tuesday. You can ask your family to donate to your favorite charity rather than give you a gift. Perhaps, plan to do a service project to benefit a charity.

Get creative with how active you want to be. Think of your community and why it is important to invest in the people that live in your area. Include this annual occurrence as part of your seasonal traditions.

The Wrap Up

As Giving Tuesday approaches take some time to consider how you are participating. Because this is a reoccurring event, really think about how you can make an impact yearly.

If you need inspiration check out how you can help with Foster Love - Together We Rise here. Cheers to another great Giving Tuesday!

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