May 10, 2019

How to Choose a Philanthropy

corporate philanthropy

Philanthropy comes in many forms, and with so many different causes, it can be difficult to choose a philanthropy and determine which one you want to dedicate yourself to. Each cause is important and worthwhile, but some may speak to you more than others.

Philanthropic Health Causes

There are plenty of organizations dedicated to ensuring that humanity is healthy, from fighting childhood obesity to cancer research. If you have personal experience with a health issue, you might want to join organizations with a related mission. Foster Love - Together We Rise has a program to provide foster youth with skateboards and bicycles to encourage an active lifestyle.

Charitable Educational Efforts

Another important aspect of childhood is learning, which can be difficult without proper access to resources. Nonprofits all over the world are dedicating themselves to providing books and classroom supplies to schools to help ensure every child gets an education. Foster Love - Together We Rise offers the largest scholarship program for current and former foster youth.

Environmental Nonprofits

Environmental causes are focused on the problems with the planet, ranging from global warming to pollution to habitat preservation. These issues seem almost too big to tackle, but together with millions of people, you can make a significant impact. You can start with small actions, like recycling and using reusable bags. You can also help beautify your local community by participating in park cleanups.

Social Charities For Change

Finally, you can choose a cause related to social issues that affect people across the planet. There are plenty of groups that you can join to give back to those in need. Foster Love - Together We Rise’s mission is to improve the lives of kids in foster care across the nation. You can help by donating, starting a fundraiser, or participating in one of our programs. We offer Sweet Cases and Teen Bags to help foster youth transition from home to home. We also have programs where volunteers can assemble bikes so that every child feels loved. While our headquarters are in Austin, TX, there are ways you can help nationwide.

Choose a philanthropy and devote yourself to it, it doesn’t matter which one, remember that you have the power to change the world. Check out how you can get involved here.

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