Sept. 21, 2019

How To Help Foster Kids: Disney Days

help foster kids

There are many people who are always asking how they can help foster kids. One of the main ways people can help Foster Love - Together We Rise, a leading nonprofit in the foster care community, is by supporting one of our sibling reunification events like Disney Days.

What are Disney Days?

Disney Days are an annual event that takes place once a year in September. It started as a way for our founder to help foster kids enjoy time with their siblings by donating his birthday gifts and taking them to Disneyland. For the past several years Disney Days have continued to grow and now we reunite hundreds of siblings separated by their foster care placement.

How You Can Help

There are several ways people can get involved and help foster kids at Disney Days. The easiest way is to just make a donation. Disneyland does not help us financially with this event, so that help is always needed.

The second way to help is by being a chaperone. You would help fundraise for the event and get to help during Disney Days by chaperoning children.

The third way is to volunteer during one of our in-house Disney Days events. Often corporations sponsor a volunteer give back day and spend the time helping us prep. This year Sage came in and helped us organize our volunteer shirts and packed backpacks full of supplies.

The last way to help during Disney Days is by sharing our posts on social. Awareness is a key component of our work and it is important we inform as many people as possible. Foster kids need everyone’s help and it is heartbreaking that they often are separated during their placements. This may be news to someone you know. Help us educate them on the problem.

But Disney Days Are Over!

Okay, so you may have missed out on Disney Days this year. Well, we do sibling reunifications on smaller scales year around. You are welcome to get involved on that level. Or there is always are service projects that help foster kids across the nation.

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