Aug. 8, 2019

How to Help Foster Youth with FIT4MOM

How to help foster youth

How can you help foster youth? We find that there are tons of ways to start. Foster Love - Together We Rise recently partnered with FIT4MOM for a service project to benefit local foster youth. Chelsea from FIT4MOM spoke with us about the organization and why they care about giving back.

Q. Who is FIT4MOM?

A. FIT4MOM is the nation’s leading prenatal and postnatal fitness program, providing fitness classes and access to a network of moms to support every stage of motherhood. From pregnancy, through postpartum and beyond. Our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. We exercise, of course, but also cultivate friendships by hosting playdates, moms’ night outs, and other community-building events.

Q. Why is Philanthropy Important to the Organization?

A. Motherhood can be challenging and isolating at times. A great support system can make all the difference. FIT4Mom Celebration seeks to create that support system by cultivating and strengthening the community within our group and beyond. Philanthropic activities allow us to strengthen the community of our group. While simultaneously connecting and building community within our group as we work together to support a cause.

Q. Why did Your Organization Choose to Team Up with Foster Love - Together We Rise?

A. Any organization that works to better the lives of children is an organization that we want to help! One of our members had learned of Foster Love - Together We Rise through a shared video on Facebook and had been following Foster Love - Together We Rise on social media. When discussing moms’ night outs for the summer, she suggested the event. She said, “there was a possibility that I and my siblings would be placed into care when I was younger. Even though we were not, my heart has been with other children facing that situation since then. I would love to be a foster parent someday!”

Q. What Program did Your Organization Sponsor to Help Foster Youth?

A. We chose the decorate Sweet Cases because children in foster care deserve something nice to carry their belongings in. It’s heartbreaking to think about children in a new and strange place with their belongings in trash bags. We also love having the opportunity to write encouraging things on the bags as a constant reminder to the children that they matter.

Q. What have You Learned from this Project?

A. We learned that it was really easy to decorate these bags, especially with the stencils! Anyone can do it. Our host’s daughter decorated two of the bags and she did a great job. We would totally recommend this project for children who want to give back too! We also learned that we have a foster care agency here in Celebration with a special focus on sibling groups and teenagers in foster care. Hopeful we can partner with them further in the future too.

Q. Would You Recommend this Type of Service Project to Help Youth in Foster Care?

A. We would definitely recommend it! It is easy to incorporate decorating sweet cases, or doing one of the other neat projects that Foster Love - Together We Rise offers, into a fun night of fellowship. We each brought food and drinks to share before we decorated, and then we sat and chatted while we decorated. Our kids had a great time playing too, and a few helped decorate the cases. Doing a project like this during a fun night adds an extra sense of accomplishment. As moms with young children, it can be difficult to find volunteer opportunities that allow you to bring your children along, so this was perfect!

Q. What Advice Would You Give to Someone Who Wants to Help Their Community?

A. We would encourage them to think of whatever they are passionate about, and then do a quick Google search to see what organizations work with their passion! You don’t need to be trained or to have special skills to make a difference. Most organizations are more than happy to train you in what they need, or they will make the process as smooth as possible, for example, by giving you everything you need in a big box to decorate and pack beautiful duffle bags for kids who need one.

Thank You, FIT4MOM

Thank You, FIT4MOM and Chelsea for taking the time to chat with us about your experience. It is so important for organizations and individuals to come together and help youth in foster care. We appreciate your dedication to helping lift women and supporting the community.

If you want to help foster youth, please check out some of the ways we can help them together.

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