Aug. 8, 2019

How to Help Kids in Foster Care: LadyBoss Lends a Hand

How to help kids in foster care

How to help kids in foster care? That is a question that comes up often. When kids enter the system there is a lot of uncertainty and adjustment. There are several ways to help kids in foster care. One way is through in-direct support, like donating Sweet Case duffle bags to foster agencies.

This may not seem like a lot to some. But with 1,200 kids entering the foster system each day, most with just the clothes on their backs and a trash bag. A duffle bag with some comfort items can mean so much.

This week we teamed up with LadyBoss Organization. They are a group of women dedicated to serving their community through philanthropic services and fundraising. Here is our Q&A with Samantha Mason from LadyBoss.

Q. Who is LadyBoss?

A. The LadyBoss Organization is a group of strong women igniting our passion to make a positive contribution within our communities. Through donating our time and energies, we will work to provide fundraising and service opportunities to organizations who are in need. The LadyBoss’ will create a space to empower women and emphasize their strengths. We strive to motivate younger generations to hear the call of civil service and volunteerism.

Q. Why is Philanthropy Important to the Organization?

A. Philanthropy is important to us because there is a need for us to do better in the world in supporting one another. There are so many organizations, populations of people and projects that need help, we want to be able to make a change for them and our fellow neighbors. By giving back we hope to not only empower our peers but to show young women that giving back helps build them up and create a family of other women who support you.

Q. Why did Your Organization Choose to Team Up with Foster Love - Together We Rise?

A. As the Founder I choose to become a foster parent about a year and a half ago. My placement has been with me over a year and changed my life in ways that I never imagined she could. She made my heart whole and she touched the lives of so many members in LadyBoss. We wanted to do more and we wanted a larger reach to help children in foster care. The mission of Foster Love - Together We Rise and LadyBoss fit and we were beyond honored to have TWR on our calendar of NPOs we partner with.

Q. What Program did Your Organization Sponsor to Help Kids in Foster Care?

A. We choose the Sweet Case Program. When my placement came to my house she arrived with 18 trash bags and I remembered going to bed that night crying that she had to put things she loved, held dear to her and valued in trash bags. That someone felt her things mattered so little that the only place they could go would be in a trash bag. It broke my heart and I vowed to never let her things go into a trash bag again. As LadyBoss we felt if we can make an impact in one child’s life and help them know they’re things matter then we wanted to and the Sweet Case Program allowed us that platform.

Q. What have You Learned or Gained from this Project?

A. As LadyBoss we learned many things from his project. We learned that the community around you is strong and when you support a cause that is so impactful all will come to help. The bags were beautiful and we got so many done in such a short amount of time.

We learned that even though we can’t foster every child we can help make a change in their lives. We can help them feel good and know that even though some things are out of their control someone made a bag thinking of them hoping their next step is the best, safest and most loving step for them.

Q. Would you Recommend this Type of Service Project to Help Kids in Foster Care?

A. Yes, from a volunteer standpoint it was a well-organized project. Creating the fundraising site to the decorticating kits was so well organized and the communication from the TWR team was amazing. From a mission and impact view, this was one of my favorite because it allowed many members of our community to help. We had LadyBoss members there, grandparents, children, husbands, and friends. All coming to support one great cause in a very user-friendly and impactful way. It was an amazing project that sparked so much joy in each person there.

Q. What advice would you give to someone who wants to help their community?

A. Jump right in, TWR will lead the way and help you make the impact you want to see. Again the communication for the team was eager, helpful and knowledgeable. We never felt pressured but encouraged and celebrated in our fundraising goals. We felt supported in our efforts and for that, we are so thankful.

Thank You, LadyBosses

Thank you to LadyBoss and Samantha for taking time to share their experience with us. We are humbled by their commitment to helping their community on all levels. May we all strive to be more like our LadyBoss friends.

For those interested in helping kids in foster care further. Let us know! We would love to help you get a program started. Check out more ways to help here.

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