Dec. 22, 2019

Instagram has a New Favorite Family

Favorite FamilyInstagram has a new favorite family for you to follow and they are beyond cute. Meet Luca Tranpanese, 41 and his daughter through adoption Alba. Their lives changed forever in July of 2017 when they said yes to their new family together.

A Rough Start for Our Favorite Family

Favorite FamilyLuca and Alba, a baby with Down’s Syndrome, have received praise across social media. Rejected by 20 families both a month old, Alba and Luca redefine views on traditional families. Luca is a long-time advocate for people living with disabilities. Even starting a charity dedicated to supporting people with disabilities with his ex-boyfriend.

Italy ‘s strict laws do not allow single people to adopt unless under exstrenuous circumstances. “I was told that I’d only be given a child with an illness, a severe disability or with behavioral problems,” he told the BBC. “I was absolutely ok with that.”

Together Forever

Favorite FamilyLuca and Alba eventually match up. At only 30 days old Alba entered Luca’s life. “When I first held her in my arms, I was overcome with joy. I felt she was my daughter straight away.”

Thanks to Instagram, the world gets to gleam into the cuteness. Photos of the pair brushing teeth, playing in the park and just enjoying being together. The pair is breaking many traditional views of fatherhood and what a family looks like.

In Conclusion

Favorite FamilyIn Conclusion, we are grateful to hear about families like Luca and Alba. The only right way to have a family is to make sure there is love. For more on Luca and Alba, check out their Instagram (which is where the photos are from). Also, check out the podcast from the BBC to hear about Luca’s book and changes being made in Italy.

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