Sept. 16, 2016

Intern Spotlight: Cayley’s Children Nonprofit


Cayley Fenoughty became an online intern with children nonprofit Foster Love - Together We Rise so she could continue advocating for children in foster care. As a student at Pittsburg State University in Kansas, she is studying to become a social worker. Here is her experience with the foster care system:


“Through seeing my mom and stepdad being foster parents I have learned so much. I have seen amazing things, along with some pretty horrible stuff too. I take great pleasure in seeing the kids fed good meals every night, going to sleep in a safe environment, waking up to go to school, and receiving the education they deserve. Knowing that my mom and stepdad have provided that for so many children is an amazing feeling.


There have also been some really rough times. I’ve seen my parents get cussed at, hit, and disrespected too many times to count. I’ve seen firsthand, bad choices that are made for foster children based on “policy” and not what is in the best interest of the child. Through seeing these things, it made me want to become a social worker. More specifically, I want to advocate for children in foster care. I am someone who has seen and lived with foster struggles first hand, and I know ways to help them through it! At the very least, I’ll listen to what these children are feeling inside; most of the time that’s what they need most.

The foster care system has done a lot of things for me personally, as well as my entire family. The biggest blessing we have been given is my brother, Dallas (5), and my sister, Brianna (3). My mom and stepdad adopted them on September 9th, 2015 and it was the best day of my life! It was the day that I knew I chose the right profession and fully understood my purpose in life. Since then, I have also helped 72 foster children get adopted through my sorority sisters and other campus organizations. I try to live with purpose every day in helping children in the foster care system which led me to find the Foster Love - Together We Rise internship. I am so excited to be an intern with this organization and can’t wait to see all the great ways I can help foster children.”

Cayley, Dallas (5), and Brianna (3)

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