Sept. 30, 2013

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it really is a plane! It’s JetBlue helping kids in foster care


This week, JetBlue’s financial team flew Foster Love - Together We Rise to Long Island City, New York to assemble 30 new bikes for children in foster care. JetBlue wanted to have fun while giving back to their community, so they called us up! The collaboration made for an exciting day. The JetBlue crew split into teams to volunteer at foster care events. The crew ran relay races and play volleyball and kickball. Most importantly, they built bikes that will help provide transportation to foster youth in the Long Island City community.

These bikes might not seem like much, but to a foster child, this gift provides them with a sense of normalcy. Remember feeling scared and excited when you were learning to ride your bike for the first time? Learning how to ride a bike is a touchstone childhood memory that every child should experience. Our Bike Build project helps create this memory for many foster children.

TWR truly appreciates all the assistance we received from Forestdale, the agency that received the donation of bicycles. Forestdale helps families in Queens break the cycle of poverty and help them rebuild their lives. Causes like these help us stay motivated in our journey to help foster kids navigate the foster care system.

To learn more about how you can volunteer at foster care opportunities and help out your local community, feel free to visit

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