Oct. 11, 2019

Jaycie Sue’s Insight on the Foster Care Adoption Process

Jaycie Sue’s insight on the foster care adoption process is a wonderful testament to love. The foster care adoption process varies from family to family but it’s important to remember the purpose. This week Jaycie Sue shares her family’s adoption journey one that gives us information on both domestic and foster care to adoption.

The Start of a Family

Jaycie Sue and her husband Brandon knew that they wanted to adopt children. Due to fertility issues at the beginning for their marriage they chose to forego fertility treatments and move forward with the adoption process immediately.

“We started our first adoption journey in July 2014 and officially adopted our daughter Elodie in October 2015. We became licensed foster parents in December 2017 and fostered 7 children including our (son) Leo, ” said Jaycie Sue.

The decision to open their home and heart to children in foster care followed the unexpected passing of Jaycie Sue’s father. She said, “In 2017 my Dad unexpectedly passed away and it made me evaluate things and we made the decision for us to pursue foster care. I actually left my job so Iʼd be more available to any kids who came into our care and we became licensed foster parents in December 2017.”

The Difference Between Adopting Domestically of Through Foster Care

Jaycie Sue and Brandon have a unique perspective on adoption having adopted children both domestically and through foster care. Speaking on this Jaycie Sue shared:

“Adopting domestically and through foster care have been both different experiences that have brought us both joy and heartache. Being foster parents is very rewarding but also hard emotionally. We consider us to be so lucky with our children. There is this perceived notion by some people that DNA is what creates the love for their children, but we know that that is not the case. We are lucky to be able to experience love for just that, love. No extra standards needed. I canʼt imagine loving our children any more than we do, and that truly is what makes a family. We are so lucky to be entrusted to be the parents for our children. The adoption process for either of our children was not easy and was not a short process, but Iʼd do it all again and again to have the family that we do.”

Growing as a Family

The lives of Jaycie Sue and Brandon have changed immensely since their children entered their lives. As with most families there is more love but Jaycie Sue tells us how this change continues to impact her.

“Becoming parents has brought more love and joy to our lives than we knew possible. Being a mom is the best part of me and I wouldnʼt change anything about it because my kids are everything to me. They challenge me and change me to be a better person every day and Iʼm so glad that I have the honor of watching them grow and learn every day. Becoming a parent is a true blessing and no matter how you become a parent, itʼs truly a miracle,”said Jaycie Sue.

Advice for Those Interested in Adoption

As we wrap up our interview with Jaycie Sue she offers some advice to those interested in adoption. Jaycie Sue makes this final point.

“My advice to parents choosing to adopt is to keep having faith and no matter how long the journey is to never give up. The adoption process can be tedious and sometimes the wait can be excruciating, but when you meet your child for the first moment, everything makes sense. Every tear, every prayer, every time we thought about giving up, and all the time it took to meet our babies was completely worth it once we saw our kids for the very first time. There will be ups and downs, but the miracle of adoption is truly worth every obstacle.”

Thank You

In conclusion, we’d like to thank Jaycie Sue and Brandon for sharing their adoption story with us. It is important to continue to create resources for those interested in the foster care adoption process. For those approaching their foster to adoption date, Foster Love - Together We Rise offers free adoption day photos. Learn more about our Framing forever program here.


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