June 18, 2019

Jen Lilley’s Adoption Story

Jen Lilley’s Adoption

Last week we helped photograph Jen Lilley’s adoption. The name Jen Lilley may sound familiar because she is one of Hallmark Channel’s stars.

Jen and her husband Jason Wayne are ecstatic to officially adopt their son Kayden. They are now parents of two and currently pregnant with child number three.

Adoption Ceremony

Adoption CelebrationWe met Jen and her family at the LA courthouse for the adoption ceremony. It was a beautiful affair full of family and friends. Jen and her husband even took photos with their social worker who helped Kayden and their family.

Their adoption date is June 10th, which also happens to be Jen’s parents’ wedding anniversary.

“We also got him adoption-day presents and will continue to celebrate June 10 every year,” says Lilley. “It was a particularly touching date for me, because June 10 is my parents’ wedding anniversary, and they got the best present ever for their 41st!”

Adoption Celebration

Little boy sitting on the groundTo celebrate the finalized adoption Jen and her family threw Kayden an adoption party. The party was puzzle themed because puzzles are Kayden’s favorite.

Jen shared, “we also made a video message for Kayden that he can watch over and over again, especially when he’s older, telling him how much we love him and value him and are so grateful he’s in our family, complete with photos and video footage of him since he first arrived in our home almost three years ago as an infant.”

Final Thoughts

After reflecting on the day and the adoption Jen said, “we’ve loved him from the moment he entered our home and we’ve treated him as our own son since day one, but to have it be official is overwhelmingly wonderful. Jason and I hope and pray we can be the parents our children need and I hope when they’re older, we can find a healthy way to reintroduce them to their birth families.”

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